Download Film Gratis: Pay Back + Subtitle Indonesia

Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Download Film Gratis - Pay Back + Subtitle Indonesia

download film gratis pay back
Source: WEB-DL
Released: 2013
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin | Cantonese
Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
Director: Fu Xi
Writer: Fu Xi, Kang Ning
Starcast: Francis Ng, Fan Siu-Wong, Deng Ziyi, Lam Suet, Cynthia Khan


Gangs number one minion Zhang from prison on the same day in a restaurant suddenly mysterious person to kill, the other fired three shots, but failed to cause his death. Shaken Zhang Jin began investigating in the end who is going to kill him. In the process of tracing clues, Zhang Jin package under the driver Yang made of the taxi, two different worlds fate thus connected together. Zhang Jin on who the murderer is puzzling, and ultimately locked jail before three enemies, but found that they are not to kill their own people.


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File Format: mp4
Video Encode: AVC (H.264)
Audio Encode: AAC (Stereo)
Resolusi: 640x272
Durasi: 1 Jam - 25 Menit - 06 Detik
Ukuran: 164 mb

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Bahasa: Indonesia [Manual]
Format : SUB & SRT
Subtitle By: n42n42

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